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Resistance Welding Controls - Series 6000

A New Generation In Resistance Welding

The WT6000 Medium Frequency DC control powered by GEN6 technology offers flexible intuitive programming for customization of your welding process. Combined with the guidance of built in diagnostic tools, the WT6000 will support process control of your resistance welding application.

Key Features:

•    Up to 255 weld programs
•    Multi-language programming
•    Web based programming
•    Free format programming for various applications
•    Configurable I/O
•    Network ready (Weld Gateway)
•    Various I/O connectivity, discrete, device net, Ethernet IP
•    Weld tool efficiency monitoring
•    Weld transformer protection (flux control)
•    Duty cycle of inverter monitoring
•    Laptop or DEP interface for programming
•    Secondary current & Voltage monitoring
•    Oscilloscope output for data analysis
•    220v-480v 50/60hz operation (600v optional)
•    Programmable output frequency (400-2000 hertz)

Gen 6 inverter for resistance welding

Supported Languages
(English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Korean)


Adaptive Welding Controls
Servo Adaptive Weld System
DCIT Weld Gun Station
Monitoring Equipment


Resistance Welding - Series 6000
WT6000 MiniPak
WT60TN Top Mount MFDC
WT600N-A1 Stand MFDC
WT600N-A2 Dual Pack MFDC
WT600N-A3 Tri-Pack MFDC
WT600N-A13 3-Cascade MFDC
Network Products
Weld Gateway
WT6000 AC

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