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EDS Files for Device Net Interface (click here)

This zip file contains Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) files for use with controls with a DeviceNet interfacefor WTC Controls. It includes a read me file that must be reviewed by the reader.

Step 1 Download the zip file into the EDS directory of the configuration software. Download EDS files for DeviceNet interface. (270.zip - 12,288 bytes)

Step 2 Unzip it with Winzip.*

* If using DOS pkunzip, you must use the -d option to recreate the directory structure. Example: pkunzip -d 270.zip

Install the EDS Files

Use the EDS Hardware Installation tool. It is installed with RSLinx software under the RSLinx Tools directory. It is also installed with RSLogix 5000 software under the Utils directory.

a) Shutdown all applications that use RSLinx, then shutdown RSLinx.

b) Start the EDS Hardware Installation Tool by selecting: Start -> Programs -> Rockwell Software -> Tools -> EDS Hardware Installation Tool.

c) Follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure to select Register a directory of EDS files and point to the directory you saved all the above EDS files.


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