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Monitoring Equipment

The Wave - Weld Current Monitor

The Wave technology is an Advanced Product which is the new concept in weld current monitors. The Wave provides mobility with it's compact size and USB Interface permitting easy access to weld current data. This new concept also allows easy PC data collection and analysis as well.

Wave Brochure
Wave Current Meter

Key Features

  Measure AC, MFDC Inverter, AC Inverter weld current, voltage, and time
 Selectable time measurement: Cycles or milliseconds
  Automatic collection and storage of 10,000 weld data-points
  Anytime data monitoring
  Durable and flexible current coil and voltage leads

Wave interface with computer


Adaptive Welding Controls
RAFT Technology
Servo Adaptive Welding System
DCIT Weld Gun Station for Manual Operations
Monitoring Equipment


Resistance Welding - Series 6000
WT60TN Top Mount MFDC
WT600N-A1 Stand MFDC
WT600N-A2 Dual Pack MFDC
WT600N-A3 Tri-Pack MFDC
WT600N-A13 3-Cascade MFDC
View-R Data Concentrator
Network Products
WT6000 AC

WT4000 AC

WT2000 AC

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