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Services & Support

Welding Technology Corp. maintains a full service group through our Technical Support Team (TST). 

With over 75 years in the weld control industry, we have the experience to insure a rapid diagnosis of your problem. 

Service & Support

Do you need to send some materials to WTC for inspection and repair? Download the RMA form (Return Material Authorization Form) and complete the steps that are detailed in the form. The link below is an Excel from that you can complete. If you do not have Excel, then download the PDF version of the form and complete it by hand.

Overview of Training Courses Offered by TST (pdf)

Return Material Authorization Form (xlsx)

No Excel? Download RMA in pdf

Return & Repair Policy (pdf)

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Phone Consultation:  +1 (248) 477- 3900

Often we are able to resolve problems over the phone. This should be the first step, when control problems are suspected. Many times the problem is determined to be external to the weld control, by eliminating the weld control, time and money can be saved.


WTC's Technical Support Team (TST) can come to you. We are one of the few weld control manufacturers to maintain traveling service technicians and engineers. Although no one looks forward to trouble, and we sincerely hope that you will never have a problem, rest assured that our TST will be there for you. Superior Service at your door. TST travels the globe assisting our customers with problem welds, repairing legacy equipment and bringing new life to your welding controls. Our specialized team of experienced field service engineers provides superior service and support. The team provides coverage from start-up support, trouble-shooting and emergency breakdowns. Whether supporting you by phone or on-site, the customer is our number one priority and solving problems quickly and reliably is our number one goal.

Listed below is a brief sampling of what we can offer:

• Standardized repair process in key global locations, including update of software and hardware
• On-site service within 24 hours
• System and / or tooling set-up in support of new or existing installations to ensure weld process optimum performance
• Retro fit solutions for older systems to the latest technology.

• Special COVID-19 protocols are currently active - special procedures must be respected.

Repair Service

Our products are designed and manufactured for years of trouble free service, but like all complex devices, failures can occur. When the problem is in the weld control, we provide the best service for it. We know our products inside and out. Our service always includes updates to the latest engineering revisions and software. Not only is the control returned to full operation, but we perform extensive testing and burn in procedures. Your control is returned ready to provide years of trouble free service once more. Our dedicated repair team will provide the best quality repair and product overhaul to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. WTC's TST offers a fast, reliable and simple repair ordering process aided by flat rate repair costs for a variety of products and components. The repair team offers a standard repair turnaround time of four weeks but will accommodate rush and emergency service if required.

All you need to do is complete Welding Technology Corp's Return Material Authorization form and we will do the rest.


Download: RETURN AND REPAIR POLICY DOCUMENT or RMA FORM in Excel format (xlsx);

No Excel? RMA Form in pdf - fill by hand & scan


Do you have a resistance welding training need? 

Our TST can help. We have a trained staff of technicians and engineers that can visit your location to provide top quality training to your organization in area covering welding instruction, real-world examples, live welders and robots. We live and breathe production welding for some of the largest manufacturers on the globe. Sign up for training and learn how to program weld controls, identify faults, and perform maintenance in a spot welding cell.

While Training classes can be customized to your needs, here are a few basic courses to get you started:

•   Resistance Welding Theory
•   Weld Control Sizing
•   Preventive Maintenance
•   Theory of Operation for each specific product line / model
•   Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Techniques

Weld Application Consultation

Special welding needs? Welding Technology Corp. is experienced in welding exotic materials, identifying cell problems, getting the most out of your welding process. Our TST have the most experience working with developing Adaptive welding algorithms into our computerized control systems.

Circuit Board and Engineering Design

Circuit Boards, Custom enclosures, design. Engineering services for non-welding applications are always of interest at Welding Technology Corp.. We build thousands of weld cabinets and can bring your products to your customers with a cost savings plan. Put your projects in our hands and we will find you an efficient design with a full engineering staff willing to find you cost savings and keep you under budget.


Standard Warranty Terms

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